Perimeter security

Perimeter security

perimeterToday needs to increase security and prevent unauthorized access grow continuously. Perimeter security enables you to find intruder in an object before they damage the guarded object crossing a predetermined perimeter line, which is the boundary of the site. This boundary is an area around the object itself, so that the intersection be submitted alarm before the intruder has reached the most important part of the protected object. Facility perimeter security work outdoors and are exposed to various adverse factors. Technical means through which any perimeter security based on different principles of detection and depend on the organization of control. Wider application are microwave or infrared barriers, motion detectors, sensor cables, vibration sensors or a combination of all the elements. We offer equipment and systems for perimeter security of the leading manufacturers in this field.

Physical barriers have evolved gradually. Sensors on the other hand, have changed dramatically over the last decade. Using high-tech electronics makes them smarter and more reliable. However, as with most complex systems, their use involves compromises.

On the one hand, consumers want the alarm to be sufficiently sensitive to detect intruders in darkness, dusk, rain, snow, fog and heavy winds. On the other hand, sensors should be able to respond to large, fast objects, such as trucks, for example, as intruders, slowly crawling on the ground.

This high sensitivity of the sensors can lead to some false srabotvaniya.Osven that each sensor is not infallible. The team from intruders can overcome fence with ladders and vibratsiionniya sensor will detect them. They can wear diving suits and overcome passive infrared (IR) sensors. Or you can just play the system through a series of false alarms, while the security team stopped responding.

The most common way to deal with false alarms and intelligent intruders is to use layers of sensors and barriers. Facilities with a high degree of protection often use two fences. Another common solution is to install various types of sensors. An intruder who uses the ladder to avoid vibration sensor mounted on the fence will be caught by the microwave sensor or a video surveillance system.

There are many different types of sensors. They can be visible, mounted on a fence or covert (hidden). They can also be passive, as vibratsiionnite and infrared detectors, or actively radiate energy.