Infrared barriers

Infrared barriers

Infrared barriers consist of transmitting and receiving parts and used to detect movement in the protected area.

The principle of operation of infrared barriers locked in transmission of infrared rays and subsequent adoption of the elements of the device. Interruption of infrared activates an alarm.

Infrared barriers are used for perimeter security of structural openings of buildings and facilities outside perimeters, windows of business premises and showrooms. The creation of systems for perimeter security of the premises, such devices are also widely used, given their high efficiency and their ability to ignore the presence of pets.

Infrared barriers can be set directly at the installation manual, and also remotely using a PC. In the second case and complete set is provided with special software. The main element and the transmitter and receiver of infrared rays are printed circuit boards, in the middle of each of which are infrared radiator or an infrared receiver. Both devices can be fitted with a port for connection to a computer. Transmitting and receiving infrared barrier should be placed parallel one to another.

Infrared barriers enabling installation not only directly on the wall, but far from it by using the stands. Infrared barriers are sensitive to sunlight, and therefore should be excluded possible impact of this factor when installing the devices.

Infrared barriers are further tamper and interference through special tamper detection switch. In case of attempted burglary housing or removal of the device from the wall or fitting tamper contact will transmit an alarm signal to the control panel, which will in turn announce that the operator of the security firm or user. Modern infrared barriers are equipped with durable and aesthetic casing resistant to weather and acceptable for use in a variety of interiors.